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 Price $64.95.
InStyler Rotating Curling/Straightening
Hair Iron

          Shipping to USA $9.95

    Shipping to Canada $12.95

Send Checks or Money Orders for $ 79.48
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What Does Organic mean?

Benefits of Organic Food

What is GM Food?

Reasons to be Organic

Health Benefits of Eat a Balanced Diet of Organic Vegetables and Fruits


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10 reasons to be organic
In summary, there are many reasons to choose organically grown

  • Grown without the use of chemical pesticides of fertilizers
  • Grown without the use of genetically modified organisms
  • No toxic metal contamination
  • More essential and trace minerals
  • Organic farming is much better for the environment
  • Children are much more vulnerable to toxins than are adults, hence children especially should be fed an organic diet and taught how to resist junk-food
  • Prevents soil erosion
  • Better for farm workers. A Natural Cancer Institute study found that farmers exposed to herbicides had a greater risk, by a factor of six, than non-farmers of contracting cancer.
  • Organic isn't really more expensive: many hidden costs are involved with the buying of conventionally produced food products
  • Tastes much better and you can eat the skin.


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